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Selecting the right primer will protect your boat’s substrate, avoid early failure of a subsequent painting system and enhance your final finish.

Primer Undercoat - 2.5l & 750ml
Quick drying, high opacity primer and undercoat providing excellent durability and surface stability in preparation for overcoating with single pack systems. Suitable as an above water primer for all substrates (especially steel) and as an undercoat for Brilliant Enamel.

Underwater Primer - 2.5l & 750ml
A fast drying, underwater primer with excellent waterproofing properties. For use as part of a single pack system all areas and substrates below the waterline - including keels. Also use as a tiecoat before antifouling, either directly onto the hull or onto a primed surface and between an existing antifouling and a new antifouling.

Light Primer - 2.5l & 750ml & 375ml
For use on glassfibre, wood, steel and aluminium, a two pack high performance epoxy priming and undercoating system. This product has outstanding corrosion, impact and water resistance qualities both above and below the waterline. Can be used for osmosis protection when application takes place at low temperatures. An excellent protective coating between the substrate and Poly Best topcoat, ensuring longevity of the system.

Sealer 599 - 750ml
A two component epoxy sealer with low viscosity giving it exceptional penetrating properties, making it ideal as a sealer coat onto bare wood and other porous substrates, such as ferrocement. Also good on suitably prepared glassfibre and polyethylene. For use above and below the waterline.

High Protect - 2.5l & 750ml
is two component solvent free high build epoxy, especially developed for osmosis treatments. Can be applied at, and will dry to, a very high film thickness. Can be used as a substitute for Light Primer where solvent emissions are a consideration.

Epoxy Adhesive - 750ml
Two component epoxy adhesive with excellent penetration and adhesion suitable for metal, timber,glassfibre and most other substrates.