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Gori propellers for yachts
A propeller which uses nature's own forces and combines the best characteristics of both the folding propeller and the fixed propeller.
The self-adjusting Gori propeller is the optimum solution for:

  • Maximum speed under sail
  • Full power astern
  • Full power ahead
  • A propeller must always be matched precisely to a boat's size, hull type, weight, engine and gear ratio.
    A fixed propeller only absorbs 100% of engine power, when used under conditions for which it has been chosen. Therefore, any change in weather conditions or circumstances will render the propeller less efficient due to its fixed characteristics. A fixed blade propeller with its high drag factors impairs sailing performance. The Gori propeller adjusts automatically to the blade position which gives maximum speed - both under sail and power.
    Thousands of sailors world-wide have tested the Gori propeller features, and value the result. The following will explain further how you, too, can benefit by fitting a Gori propeller to improved sailing speed and economy under power.

    Maximum speed under sail
    Under sail, a fixed propeller slows a yacht much more than most people would imagine. Resistance tests have shown that a 2-bladed fixed propeller gives more than 10 times greater drag than a Gori propeller.
    A 3 or 4 bladed propeller will, of course, reduce a yacht's speed even more.
    The geared Gori propeller always closes under sail.

    The results: Minimum Drag.
    More and more yacht skippers are discovering this for themselves as the yacht sails much faster. Gori propellers are chosen by the best.
    Among others the winners of:
  • Whitbread Round the World Race
  • Admiral's Cup
  • 50ft World Cup
  • 1 Ton World Cup and many well-known builders around the world.
  • Geared blades
    The Gori propeller is manufactured with gear blades that always open and close together, with the following advantages:
  • No vibration ahead or astern as the blades always move together
  • Under sail the blades are closed, removing the need for elastic bands or other closing devices
  • Tests have shown in certain instances that the Gori propeller reduces the yacht's total drag by 35%. This resulted in one full knot of improvement in speed under sail.
  • Make your yacht come alive.
  • Full power in reverse
    How does the Gori propeller' thrust in reverse compare with other propellers?
    Tests have shown that the efficiency of the Gori propeller in reverse is equal to or better than most 2 and 3 bladed fixed, feathering and folding propellers.
    The Gori propeller gives you the optimum thrust in reverse by virtue of its propeller blade shape and profile, and does not rely solely on the centrifugal force to open the blades as do many other folding propeller types.
    Remember the Gori propeller has the thrust you can trust!

    Full power ahead
    Most propellers are designed to handle adverse weather conditions, which in calm weather may only absorb 75% of engine power.
    The Gori propeller makes use of natural forces. Centrifugal and hydrodynamic forces combine to give the correct blade position.
    In heavy weather, automatic self adjustment of the blade position prevents the engine from over-loading. This means less wear, smoother performance, and better economy.

    Tests have shown that the efficiency of the Gori propeller in forward is better than most 2 or 3 bladed feathering and folding propellers.
    A Gori propeller can give your yacht up to half a knot greater speed when motoring.
    The maximum horsepower of the engines is always available - what ever the conditions.
    The Gori propeller gives you the assurance and ability to reach harbour quickly should the weather change. Self-adjustment also means better fuel economy, increasingly important to all of us.

    Gori propeller for saildrive units (ie Yanmar)
    The self-adjusting Gori propeller is designed and manufactured to be installed on saildrive units, too. The security hub ensures full maneuvrability. It is vulcanized to shock absorb and insulate the propeller from the saildrive leg.
    The Gori propeller is standard equipment on most saildrives or can be retrofitted without any modification to the saildrive.

Do as thousands of yachtsmen: Choose the Gori propeller - your yacht deserves it.
The Gori propeller is cast from corrosion-resistant nickel-aluminum bronze. To avoid corrosion, the condition of zinc anode on the drive unit and the shaft should be checked prior to mounting and at regular intervals afterwards.